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Le Voile de l’Ange | Book review by Bernard Perroy

[The following is a brief translation of Bernard Perroy’s original review in French, with Anna-Marie Ravitzki’s poems in French]  « Je veux avoir un voile d’ange » (p.9) [I want to have an angel’s veil] writes Anna-Marie Ravitzki in the very first pages of her poetry book, which includes 33 poems and four wonderful illustrations by Avi S. Ravitzki, […]

Kokoro | Book review by Marc Wetzel

[The following is a brief translation of Marc Wetzel’s original review in French, with Anna-Marie Ravitzki’s poems in French] « Il y a des gens qui sont comme un métro Un train des profondeurs de la terre Parce que leur oxygène est le dioxyde de carbone. Mon amour est un macaron De chez Pierre Hermé J’y mords […]

Kokoro | Book review by Christine Givry

Having traveled through all the circles of Dante’s Inferno, in the footsteps of the language of Virgil and formerly of Homer, here I am now burning in the poems of Anna-Marie Ravitzki, masterfully presented by Emmanuel Moses. Penetrated deeply by this new Song of Songs, I infuse myself with its sensuality, its physical and spiritual burning, […]

A Veil of an Angel | Book review by Emmanuel Moses

Between passion and philosophy, as a journey outside of time and space, A Veil of an Angel is a book of pilgrimage destined for the depths of the spirit and the heart. Anna-Marie Ravitzki shreds the cloak of illusion with her valiant and bellowing poems. Beyond the shadows and the sounds, an inner landscape is […]

Angels in Gaza

I love falafel, love listening to the sizzling sound of it frying in oil. When I was a little girl, my mother and I would take bus number 40 or 42 to Jaffa just to eat falafel, then we would walk back home via Jerusalem Boulevard. Today I sit on a rock in the South […]

From Science onto Data

The world is experiencing the revolution of information, humanity shifting the hegemony from Science onto Data. Just as the printing revolution once flooded the world with information, now cybernetic space is engulfing the entire planet with enormous amounts of information particles. We are living in an era where knowledgeability, facts, and big data have completely […]

Kokoro is Now Out in French

We are delighted to announce the launch in French of the book Kokoro by Anna-Marie Ravitzki, translated by Emmanual Moses, and released by the prestigious publication house Éditions Obsidiane. Kokoro is Anna-Marie Raviztki’s second book in French, after her first French title Le Voile de l’Ange, published by Edition Al Manar, was honored the 2016 Prix Alain […]