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A Veil of an Angel | Book review by Emmanuel Moses

Between passion and philosophy, as a journey outside of time and space, A Veil of an Angel is a book of pilgrimage destined for the depths of the spirit and the heart. Anna-Marie Ravitzki shreds the cloak of illusion with her valiant and bellowing poems. Beyond the shadows and the sounds, an inner landscape is revealed before the eyes of the poet and her readers, which she describes with the language of existential revelation and urgency, a unique language in which every word is at once both arrow and target, tree of knowledge and fruit of knowledge, madness and soundness of heart. In the poetic world of Anna-Marie Ravitzki, blood is indeed the soul, vital, wild, benevolent.

Emmanuel Moses

A Veil of an Angel is a collection of 35 new poems by Anna-Marie Ravitzki, published by the reputed French publishing house Éditions Al Manar, and translated by Emmanuel Moses. It was honored the prestigious Prix Alain Bosquet 2016 award, by France’s leading publisher Éditions Gallimard.