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From Science onto Data

The world is experiencing the revolution of information, humanity shifting the hegemony from Science onto Data. Just as the printing revolution once flooded the world with information, now cybernetic space is engulfing the entire planet with enormous amounts of information particles. We are living in an era where knowledgeability, facts, and big data have completely taken over, and control us all. Information technology has replaced the scientific method. We must doubt the necessity of this mass of information, and re-expose mankind to its core essence, to knowing. Our goal is to shed new light, using technological tools that enable mankind to regain the faculty of thought.

Data is built on postmodernist technology and has become a cultural and epistemological value, while we use artificial intelligence to focus within the limits of our own knowledge. Data, as an idea, is a discourse within the realm of epistemology. When the idea of truth is connected to this discourse, the linguistic value can either be true or false – the information is massive and often comes as a true value – for example, X (Google) knows that Y. The word knowledgeability guides the trueness of the information, and as any externalist will say, knowledge or data is related to relevant facts, which are obviously external to the soul of the being who holds this knowledge.