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Kokoro | Book review by Christine Givry

Having traveled through all the circles of Dante’s Inferno, in the footsteps of the language of Virgil and formerly of Homer, here I am now burning in the poems of Anna-Marie Ravitzki, masterfully presented by Emmanuel Moses.

Penetrated deeply by this new Song of Songs, I infuse myself with its sensuality, its physical and spiritual burning, that of a Mary Magdalene who “flies, flying elephant” to places, a sky, a “sun of freedom”.

The lover, this “Unique”, this divine “crowned with thorns” is the Beauty that bathes the poems.

The poet has fulfilled a “love contract”, a love tale like the Lais of Marie de France, which remains and does not leave the readers peaceful, but draws you into the lava of her style, “the red ink” of the sun.

Drunk from loving, she soaks her readers in her alcohol so strongly, one can only want to re-read Kokoro, in this face to face with the Other, a sinner who makes herself the double of the poet.